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What to Do in an Accident in Cumberland, MD

We understand the stress and worry involved in auto accidents at Timbrook Collision Center, but we also know the importance of remaining calm and doing a few items that will better secure a desirable outcome. If you have been involved in an accident, we have organized a checklist of post-collision best practices proven to help an already difficult process. By following the action items on the checklist, you can help mitigate the hassles of post-accident collision repairs.

First and Foremost: Stay Calm and Do Not Discuss Fault

We cannot stress enough the importance of staying calm after a collision and not placing blame or discussing fault to another motorist or the police. Such an admission in the heat of the moment could be erroneous and can prevent an insurance claim. While it is okay to state the facts, never lose your cool, and never discuss or accept fault for the accident.

What to do Checklist

We put together a checklist of recommended best practices for motorists that have been involved in an accident; we recommend keeping this checklist in the glove box for reference, just in case:
  • Remain as calm as possible

  • Check for injuries and call 911 as needed

  • Turn hazard lights on

  • Turn off the engine and step out of the vehicle if safe

  • Call the police, even for minor collisions

  • Make notes about the accident and draw pictures or take pictures for proof later

  • Be courteous and state only facts. Be sure that you are calm and thinking clearly before making comments to other drivers and the police

  • Never make comments about who is responsible to the police or other motorists

  • If you believe that the other driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, never confront them and allow the police to handle it

  • Call insurance

Data Collection Reminders

Some of the checklist items require collecting data about the other motorist and vehicle. Be sure to collect the other motorist’s name, phone number, and insurance information. It is also wise to collect the names and phone numbers of any witnesses just in case their record of the event will be useful later. When in an accident, you cannot take too much information as it might come in handy later during the insurance claims process.
What to Do in an Accident

We Offer Towing at Timbrook Collision Center

Once everything has settled down after an accident, we invite you to call us at Timbrook Collision Center and get a tow to our collision center in Cumberland, MD. We can also help you navigate the sometimes difficult insurance claims process and offer rental vehicles to get you around town while your vehicle is being serviced.

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