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Collision Services

Timbrook Collision Center is the go-to source for drivers in the Cumberland, MD, Rawlings, MDFrostburg, MD, Cresaptown, MD,  La Vale, MD, and Keyser, WV areas for collision repair needs. Our team is full of certified technicians to quickly assess the damage on your vehicle – whether it be from collisions, storms, or paint repair, and provide an appropriate plan of action. Timbrook Collision accepts most major insurance and all makes like Hyundai, Volkswagen, Honda, Chevrolet, Mazda and more .

Dent Removal

Dent removal is one of our most common collision repairs at Timbrook. Dent removal is done by locating the dent, inspecting any additional impact places that may not be visible on the surface. Dent removal, depending on size and severity, is typically a pain-free repair when done right by professionals.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair (DPR) is when our team looks and assesses the dent, sees if they can get inside of the dent by carefully removing panels, and thus, our technicians come in and can repair your dent without damaging or having to touch the exterior paint. Paintless dent repair can be performed on most dent repairs.

Windshield Repairs

Windshield repairs are either seamless, easy fixes, or require a whole new window to be put on. If ever you notice a chip in your window from hail or rocks on the highway, we recommend bringing in your car as soon as possible. Windshield repairs are typically easy and not invasive, but if left alone for too long, the crack can reach the frame and require more invasive work.

Auto Painting

Any car, any color, we can match it. Timbrook Collision Center has a massive catalog of colors to match the original color of your car. If not, we can mix paints to reach the desired color.

Weather Damage Repairs

Weather damage have you down? There’s not a lot of preventative measures anyone can take when weather happens – hail damage, trees falling over, and the like. But, when weather strikes, Timbrook Collision Center has a place for you in our service and repair center. Cracked windshield and dented roofs are just some of our specialties.


Vehicle alignment, what is it exactly? Not to be confused with balancing, alignment is when your car is unable to drive straight naturally. This is usually due to hitting a curb or pothole too hard and can be an easy fix when handed to the professionals at Timbrook Collision Center. Our team goes in, fixes the alignment, and makes sure there are no additional issues caused by misalignment. We can provide either a two-wheel or four-wheel alignment.


Beauty is in the details, and we believe that at Timbrook Collision Center. We are happy to offer detailing service packages for passenger cars, and full size SUV’s & trucks with each of our collision repairs. What does this mean? Our team cleans up their mess, but in addition to that, cleans out the floor, the interior and nooks, and crannies of the exterior as well so your car looks like it is fresh off the lot. Doing this helps to preserve the paint and your interior carpet, seats, and more.

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Collision Repairs in Cumberland, MD

Is your car ready for some collision repairs? Timbrook Collision Center is the trusted collision center in the Cumberland, MD area. Our professional technicians and highly trained and knowledgable service team are here to make sure the repairs your vehicle gets meet or exceed manufacturer standards.

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