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Vehicle Headlight Restoration At Timbrook Collision Center

Plastic headlights protect the interior bulbs while allowing peak light flow to the road. The ideal headlights have maximum transparency for maximum illumination. You might have noticed that older headlights develop abrasions or a hazy film that can restrict efficient illumination. Headlight restoration service removes the blemishes and restores peak transparency and road illumination. Contact us today to schedule a headlights restoration service at Timbrook Collision Center in Cumberland, serving Frostburg, and La Vale, MD.

Certified Quality Headlight Restoration Service vs. Do-it-Yourself Kits

Headlight restoration service restores the headlights’ transparency to factory specifications, promoting peak visibility and safety with maximum light reaching the road. We understand that aftermarket companies manufacture at-home headlight restoration kits. Rest assured that such kits lack the quality provided by certified service from certified technicians. The many reasons to only accept certified headlight restoration service includes:
  • Do-it-yourself kits do not guarantee results.
  • Do-it-yourself kits do not meet the quality standards set forth by automotive industry leaders.
  • Professional service by qualified technicians guarantees results and avoids the hassle.
  • Do-it-yourself kits are time-consuming and messy.
  • Professional service is affordable and more convenient.

Symptoms of Needing Headlight Resurfacing

  • Plastic hardcoat lacks original transparency
  • Foggy, hazy, or yellowish plastic
  • Plastic has excessive visual abrasions or scratches

Headlight Haze and Safety

Headlights are plastic and susceptible to degradation with time and environmental exposure. They regularly get abrasions from road debris like pebbles and will experience transparency loss due to UV exposure. Resurfacing service is an excellent way to restore transparency, physical integrity and prevent cracking. Without resurfacing, headlights will degrade as they become cloudly and restrict sufficient road illumination. Prevent excessive headlight haze decreasing visibility and safety with a headlight restoration service.

Headlight Resurfacing Service Overview

A certified technician uses a specialized solvent to remove the old plastic hardcoat. The certified technician performs wet-sanding and polishing to restore the surface to maximum transparency. We apply an ultraviolet light protectant to preserve the fresh finish.

Schedule Headlight Restoration Service at Timbrook Collision Center

Customers can schedule headlight restoration service appointments online or by phone. We recommend that customers check the current specials to pay less for quality certified headlight restoration while collecting unmatched value. The online service scheduler is finished within minutes and is always available. Call the service center during regular hours to schedule or ask questions about headlight restoration at Timbrook Collision Center in Cumberland.

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