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Alignment Services

Whether your vehicle has been in a major accident or if it has simply experienced the general wear and tear due to extensive driving on city roads, your vehicle will eventually become prone to alignment issues. While major accidents are much more likely to cause your vehicle’s wheels to go out of alignment, the general wear and tear of driving and hitting potholes, curbs, and other sorts of obstacles could cause alignment issues as well. Depending upon your type of vehicle and the issues you’re experiencing with it, our two-wheel and four-wheel alignment services have got your wheel alignment service needs totally covered.

The Benefits of Our Certified Service and Genuine OEM Parts

Whether you’ve been in an accident or are just performing preventative maintenance on your vehicle, you’ll be able to take advantage of our certified technicians and use of only genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Certified technicians have a level of expertise you won’t find at your local mechanic and are factory-trained to understand everything that comes with your make and vehicle model. Our use of only genuine OEM parts ensures a fit and function of part for your vehicle that isn’t guaranteed when you buy aftermarket, discount, or secondhand parts.

Two-Wheel Alignment Services at Timbrook Collision Center

Two-wheel alignment services are the most popular service for most vehicles, as this service will resolve most vehicles’ issues. Also known as a “front-end alignment,” two-wheel alignment services involve an alignment of your vehicle’s front two wheels. This includes an adjustment of the front two wheels’ camber, toe, and caster – all alignments pertaining to the safe and optimal operation of your vehicle. Using the recommended measurements from your vehicle’s manufacturer and a set of highly-specialized and computerized tools, our certified technicians will align your wheels back to their factory defaults.

Four-Wheel Alignment Services at Timbrook Collision Center

Your vehicle will typically require a four-wheel alignment service if it has all-wheel drive with independent suspension. For vehicles that don’t match those requirements, we may also suggest a four-wheel alignment if your vehicle has been in an accident that has caused your rear axle to go out of alignment. Our certified technicians will adjust the toe, camber, and caster on your front two wheels, and toe and camber on your rear wheels for this specific service.

Amenities Available at Timbrook Collision Center in Cumberland, MD

We know how important it is to make your service experience as comfortable and convenient as possible, which is why we offer rental cars as a way to get you back on the road while you wait for the completion of your service. Our free Wi-Fi, newspapers & magazines, beverage and coffee bar, vending machines, and comfortable waiting area are all available to our customers in order to provide an excellent service experience. Call our service department to schedule your appointment at Timbrook Collision Center in Cumberland, MD today.

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