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Two-Wheel Alignment in Cumberland, MD

We offer local drivers in Cumberland, La Vale, and Frostburg, MD a two-wheel alignment service completed by certified technicians and computerized wheel alignment equipment. Wheel alignment is routine maintenance that ensures your vehicle tracks down the road straight. Being involved in an accident tends to knock wheel alignment out of specifications. No matter if your vehicle is due for a wheel alignment at the recommended miles or you’ve been involved in a collision, we provide the remedy for bad wheel alignment. We invite you to review our current service specials when you visit us for a two-wheel alignment at Timbrook Collision Center.

Wheel Alignment & Maintenance Explained

Wheel alignment service is routine maintenance for all vehicles. Wheel alignment is the condition of the angles where the wheel assemblies meet the steering/suspension components. Aligned wheels point straight, opposite wheels are parallel, front wheels rotate parallel, and are perpendicular to the road for optimal tire traction. Vehicles require wheel alignment service as routine maintenance or in response to driving incidents that knock wheel angles out of specs. Hitting a large pothole, being involved in a collision, and simple suspension component loosening are common causes of needing wheel alignment service.

Two-Wheel Alignment Service Overview

Two-wheel, or front-end, alignment service includes measuring and adjusting the suspension/steering components at the front two wheels. We will also inspect the suspension and steering components. This service is typically given to vehicles with two-wheel drive (2WD).

Bad Wheel Alignment Indicators

You can count on bad wheel alignment indicators to occur when wheel angles are out of specifications. This is due to the tires not gripping the road properly with areas of the tire handling excessive road forces. This leads to rapid tire wear with the situation only worsening from there.

Here are the bad wheel alignment indicators:
  • Pulling or veering toward the side on a flat road
  • Constantly adjusting the steering wheel to drive straight
  • Driving straight with a crooked steering wheel
  • Irregular tire wear
  • Vibrations or shaking in the cabin
  • Squealing tires
  • Tires losing pressure

Schedule Two-Wheel Alignment Service at Timbrook Collision Center

Customers can schedule a two-wheel alignment service by calling us during regular hours. We have courtesy loaners and rental cars available. You can relax in the comfortable waiting area with free wi-fi, newspapers and magazines, and vending machines while we complete your alignment service.

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