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Weather Damage Vehicle Repairs in Cumberland, MD

One of the most random yet common accidents that can happen to your vehicle throughout the year is weather damage. Unfortunately, the effects that the weather can have on your vehicle in the right environment can require extensive services and body repair. Below are the different types of weather damage you can expect if you leave your vehicles exposed during these conditions for drivers near Keyser, Rawlings, Bedford, and the surrounding areas.

Hail Damage

The most common weather damage that collision centers see regularly is hail damage. With these large pieces falling from the sky at such a speed, they leave dents along the body of your vehicle, especially the roof and hood. After the storm is over, the dents are scattered and pan the entire exterior, leaving a job for professionals to maintain. If the hail comes down at the right angle, it can easily cause cracks in your windshield or even shatter it depending on the size and speed of the hail. Your side windows and rear view window are also at risk for being damaged by hail and it comes down on top of these vehicles.

Wind Damage

While a small breeze will not have any effect on your vehicle, some days the wind feels like it is going to pick you up and blow you away. For your vehicle, if the wind comes beneath the car just right, your car could flip or turn on its side causing damage from the wind. When you go to get out of your car or someone parked near you is getting out of their car, their car door can fly open, causing a dent in the body that is significant and needs professional repair. Also, bad wind can pick up sharp objects and slam them into your vehicle, damaging the side of them.

Storm Damage

Unfortunately, large storms sometimes find their way to Maryland and the damage that they cause is some of the worse. Whether it is a bad rainstorm or a hurricane blowing in from the ocean, one of the worse consequences of storm damage is flash flooding. This type of damage can rust out the entire undercarriage of your vehicle if it does not carry it away and total it completely.

Does Your Cumberland Vehicle Need Service?

If your vehicle has extensive weather damage instead of collision damage, our team at Timbrook Collision Center is happy to assist you with any needs you may have for your vehicle. Feel free to give one of our representatives a call for a quote or stop by. We look forward to servicing your vehicle soon.

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