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Paint Services

Cars have a rough life. The fact is that a ton of steel driving outdoors at highway speeds puts a lot of stress on the vehicle. Not every road is as clean as it should be, and litter or debris on the road can damage a car’s finish. Although cosmetic in nature, a paint job is not an easy task. Whether repairing damage to a specific body part or sprucing up an older car’s appearance, painting requires intricate prep work of sanding and covering parts that aren’t to receive paint. The paint itself takes time to dry and properly cure, and if more than one coat is needed, the new paint has to be sanded again to provide an appropriate surface to receive the next coat for your Ford, Chevy, Audi, Nissan, and more.

Our Paint Performance Guarantee (PPG) at Timbrook Collision

The Lifetime Limited Paint Performance Guarantee covers the area of the vehicle refinished with specified PPG products for as long as the consumers own the car. The refinished area is covered for the following paint failures:

  • Peeling or delamination of the topcoat and/or other layers of paint.
  • Cracking, chalking, or checking.
  • Lost gloss caused by Cracking, chalking, or checking.
  • Any paint failure attributed to defective PPG automotive products which are by the guarantee.

Exclusions to our PPG

*This guarantee is not transferable in the event the vehicle is sold or traded to another individual or company.

Why a Car Might Need a New Paint Job

The most obvious reason a car might need a new paint job is that it was in an accident. Whether dents can be hammered out or if new body parts are required to complete the repairs, painting is the final step toward making the car “as good as new” again. We prefer at Timbrook Collision Center when a car owner has taken great care of an older car over the years. It runs great, the interior has been kept clean and taken care of, but years of driving in the elements and under normal driving conditions have caused the paint job to fade or become scratched in places. We love cars and like seeing people get the most out of their vehicle investment, and we feel a car should look as nice as it can to maintain such an investment.

What Happens if New Paint Isn't Applied

Some people might not care how their vehicle looks from the outside the way other people take pride in the car they drive. In such instances, it’s important to understand how paint provides an important aspect of the car’s continued performance. Paint isn’t just cosmetic. It prevents rust from forming on exposed steel parts or corrosion on parts that aren’t metallic. Paint can also add an aspect of visual appeal the driver can be proud to display. A further issue is how, even though they shouldn’t in theory, police assume there are more problems than the paint job when they see a ragged jalopy driving down the road. A new paint job can prevent such unwanted attention from being drawn to the vehicle.

Finding a Body Shop to Provide Paint Services

Timbrook Collision Center in Cumberland, MD serves the surrounding areas of La Vale, Cresaptown, Frostburg, MD with auto body repairs, including paintless repairs when appropriate, paint jobs, and minor routine maintenance procedures.

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