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Vehicle Detailing Services

Over time, the exterior and interior of your vehicle will become dirty, no matter how hard you try to prevent this from happening yourself. You can vacuum and clean all you like, but you’ll never be able to quite get rid of everything in the cracks and creases of your vehicle. While it is important to perform routine oil changes, tire rotations, and other such maintenance items, it is equally important to keep your car’s exterior and interior in prime condition. Keeping your vehicle’s exterior clean will prevent long-term rust or other such damage from long-standing debris, and keeping the interior clean protects your vehicle’s upholstery. It makes for an all-around better driving experience. When you’ve had enough of your vehicle being dirty and want every last nook and cranny cleaned, call the certified technicians at Timbrook Collision Center for a vehicle detailing service.

Why a Vehicle Detailing Service is Better Than a Car Wash

You may think that running your car through the car wash and using the car wash’s vacuum to clean the interior is good enough for you. And, generally speaking, it’s never a bad thing to do. What a vehicle detailing service does, though, is get every last spot and clean everything that can’t be reached through the car wash and self-service cleaning centers. Our certified technicians perform professional vehicle detailing services, meaning that they restore both the exterior and interior of your vehicle to like-new condition, and these services are much more labor-intensive than what happens at self-service car cleaning centers. Basically, it may cost a bit more than cleaning it yourself, but the price and final product you receive is absolutely worth it (and much better) when you schedule a vehicle detailing service at Timbrook Collision Center.

Vehicle Detailing Services Protect the Value of Your Vehicle

A dirty car is not only an unpleasant driving experience, but it also affects the value of your car, especially when the dirt and debris go untreated and cause long-term damage to your vehicle. Leaving road salt on your car, for example, can lead to long-term damage to the exterior, and certain chemicals or mixtures of debris on the interior of your vehicle may be untreatable when left to linger for too long. Utilize the vehicle detailing services available at Timbrook Collision Center to protect the value of your vehicle.

Courtesy Loaners and Rental Cars Available at Timbrook Collision Center

Your service experience doesn’t have to leave you waiting at our location – Timbrook Collision Center offers courtesy loaners and we have rental cars available for our customers who can’t afford to wait at our certified service center. Schedule your vehicle detailing service with Timbrook Collision Center today, and we’ll have your car in like-new condition before you know it.

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