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Vehicle Damaged in a Black Ice Accident? Come to Timbrook Collision Center in Cumberland, MD for Auto Body Repair

Black ice can be the bane of drivers everywhere. Unlike other icy conditions on the road, black ice often looks just like water — until you drive over it and find yourself spinning out. If you have been in an accident caused by black ice, come to Timbrook Collision Center. We work with all major insurance providers, and we are well known for our dedication to quality. Thanks to our expert repair technicians and our OEM parts, we will make sure that your vehicle gets the repairs it needs.

Safety Tips for Black Ice

Of course, it’s better if you don’t have to come to Timbrook Collision Center for auto body repairs. Here are some handy tips to help you avoid an accident caused by black ice.

  • Avoid Driving When Black Ice Is Likely: This isn’t always possible; however, if you can avoid driving in conditions where black ice may be present, we recommend it. Black ice is more common at night, so try to drive in daylight when possible. It tends to appear when rain or other precipitation freezes on the ground, so be extra vigilant when it’s freezing out, and there has been precipitation.
  • Keep Your Distance: When there is black ice on the road (and in icy conditions of all kinds), you should keep extra space between you and any vehicles in front of you. We recommend at least a five-second gap.
  • Take Extra Care on Bridges: Since bridges can get extra icy, take even more precautions when you cross one.
  • Learn How To React: If you do hit a patch of black ice, your first instinct may be to slam on the brakes and steer hard away from the swerve. You should avoid these instincts since they can actually make things worse. Instead, upon hitting a patch of black ice, you should take your foot off of the accelerator without putting it on the brake; hitting the brakes can cause your vehicle to spin out even more. In addition, you should gently steer into the swerve.

Schedule an Auto Body Repair Estimate at Timbrook Collision Center Near La Vale and Frostburg, MD

If you haven’t managed to avoid black ice, we are here to help. Send in a picture of your vehicle for a photo estimate, or schedule an estimated service by contacting us online or over the phone. Then, make your way to ​​Timbrook Collision Center. We look forward to helping you!

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