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Weather Damage Repairs Near LaVale, MD

We can get some pretty wild weather in LaVale, Maryland — and that weather can end up damaging your vehicle. If you have a car, truck, SUV, or van that has weather damage, come to Timbrook Collision Center. We are conveniently located just about two and a half miles from LaVale, Maryland, so coming to visit us is quick and easy! When you’re ready to get your vehicle the help it needs after a storm, come to Timbrook Collision Center near LaVale, Maryland.

Common Types of Storm Damage

  • Debris: Strong winds and torrential rains can cause tree limbs to fall, damaging your vehicle. This damage may be as easy to repair as a dent or two, or it may require us to replace parts of your vehicle, like the windshield or a body panel.
  • Hail Damage: Sudden hail can be a real pain for you and your vehicle. Even smaller hailstones can leave minor dents and dings, while larger ones can cause significant damage. We can perform paintless dent repair or traditional dent removal at Timbrook Collision Center near LaVale, Maryland.
  • Water Damage: Unfortunately, a vehicle that has been fully or even mostly submerged is generally considered to be totaled. This means that the expense of repairing the electrical components, the engine, the airbags, and all the other components that can be damaged by water is greater than the cost of the vehicle itself. However, if your vehicle has only mild water damage (for example, if you left a sunroof open), we can help take care of it at Timbrook Collision Center near LaVale, Maryland.

Choose Timbrook Collision Center for Weather Repairs Near LaVale, MD

Whatever damage your vehicle may have suffered due to weather, Timbrook Collision Center is happy to help. Our core values of integrity, safety, respect, and excellence shine through in everything we do. We are dedicated to making sure that your visit with us is convenient and professional, and that you get the best deals on automotive repairs for weather damage. We’re well worth the few minutes’ drive from LaVale, Maryland!

Schedule Weather Damage Repair Service Near LaVale, MD

At Timbrook Collision Center, we work with most insurance companies; we also offer free estimates so you can get an idea of what repairing that weather damage may cost you. If your vehicle has been damaged by the weather, schedule an estimate with us by phone or online. Then, come to Timbrook Collision Center, not far from LaVale, Maryland.

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